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  Special Holyland Purchase:

We have just acquired this collection of Holyland oil lamps.  These lamps were recently excavated in Bethlehem and Jerusalem.  

about Oil Lamps
Oil lamps were filled with olive oil, wick inserted, and lit.  These lamps were used by persons of all socio-economic groups.  In addition, these lamps were also often buried with people as a ceremonial offering for the dead.  This lamps were excavated in Bethlehem and Jerusalem and represent a wide swath of time and cultures, before and after the time of Jesus Christ, and during the Greek and Roman occupation periods.

A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided for all antiquities, including a statement of providence noting the excavation areas.

Here is one example:

7346.JPG (41324 bytes)

(Double click for enlarged photo)

#7346: Holyland Oil Lamp - 100 BC to 50 AD, Herodian Period,
Excellent Styling and Color !! 

Historical Context:  See above Historical Context

Description:  Herodic period-style
Size:  3 3/4 -inches tip to tail
Condition:  Very Fine, In-tact

             SOLD  $129 plus shipping


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